Putting together recital programs in a way that is interesting for an audience is a very important part of being a performing artist.    I think it is boring to play the same known masterpieces over and over again and audiences also do get bored listening to it so I put in a great deal of time and effort in programming something which is relatively new, unknown or neglected.

I have no “favorite” composers and no exact criteria for the selection, only that I like the music I choose and that it has some unique characteristics that makes it interesting for both myself and the audience.  The program must fit together stylistically in a logical sequence and the total time of the recital should not exceed 70 minutes of music.

I do not differentiate between original compositions or transcriptions. A composition is either a good piano piece and fits into a program or it doesn’t. A pianist must have the artistic common sense to know the difference.

Here are some of the programs I have given over the years:

Seven concerts for the festival “Rarities of the Piano” in Husum, Germany.

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Six concerts for the “Musica Reginae Series” in Flushing Town Hall, NY.

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Other programs: (in PDF format)

Hannover, Germany March 16, 1980
New York, USA May 1, 1982
Hannover, Germany 1-27-83
Berlin, Germany Oct. 2, 1983
Hannover, Germany 11-25-83 (orchestral soloist)
Bochum, Germany 4-15-84 (orchestral soloist)
Braunschweig, Germany April 25, 1984
Rockville Centre, NY USA Dec. 2, 1984